Outdoor signs are the most cost effective form of marketing and advertising. You get the most exposure for the least amount of money.

Not only will outdoor business signs help you financially, but they'll save you time and effort when it comes to marketing and advertising your business!

Signage pays for itself!!


Digital Signage predominantly consists of building brand awareness, delivering important information, increasing operational efficiency or generating a return on investment all whilst breaking through the noise and clutter of the competitive marketplace.

We often read so much about the technology of digital signage that we can forget what this technology is all about — getting communication results that go above and beyond non-digital efforts.

Sure the technology is cool, but most business managers want to add value to their efforts and ultimately to their businesses. That’s why digital signs are important.

Consider these recent statistics:

  • Digital Signage has a 47.7% effectiveness for brand awareness.
  • Digital Signage creates a 31.8% increase in overall sales volume.
  • 42% of retail video viewers would prefer to shop at stores that have video displays, if given the choice.
  • Digital Signage increases the average purchase amount by 29.5%.
  • Digital Signage generates 32.8% growth in repeat buyers.

Our Premier Full Color Digital LED Display Series delivers a dynamic advertising impact, enhances your image, and establishes a memorable landmark in your community.

Our displays will interact and energize your target audience everyday with bold colors and compelling content.

Our execution in solid engineering and remarkable quality will uphold your vision and help you drive a return on investment.




What some of our customers have to say!

It’s more affordable than you think…

We believe in creating the best, interactive, user-centric digital signage solutions that meet your exact brand requirements and exceed the expectations of everyone.

All of our solutions products are designed and custom created with the customer’s needs in mind.

  • 1 year Custom Content Creation Software
  • 7 year Parts Warranty
  • 7 year On-Site Service
  • Made in the USA

Digital SignsStrong visual impression

Replace static banner signs with impressive and dynamic digital displays to help you communicate information in real time. Use digital signage to create interactive building directories, provide service information, and guide people around your public space. Vantage’s digital signage software transforms any information kiosk into a user-friendly, simple-to-navigate information source. Revolutionize your visitor experience by simplifying procedures and eliminating the hassle and confusion of ordinary administrative facilities.



Digital SignsRevolutionize your financial institution

Digital signs and interactive kiosks are being widely used by financial institutions around the world to reach out to their customers. Digital signage allows you to reduce clutter and money spent on printing signs or having to change them by hand outside. Having a simple, user-friendly interface that will inform and educate customers of your latest products and services to grab their attention is not the only plus to having digital signs. Our digital sign solutions can also help improve internal communication by keeping your employees informed with an updated stream of messages that can be disseminated easily and consistently. Establish your brand as a informative and viable option for your client’s financial needs with a Vantage LED sign.


Digital SignsInnovative customer experience

Stay ahead of your competition by creating an innovating shopping experience. Grab shopper’s attention while they walk and increase impulse purchases in-store. Which is where 70% of purchase decisions are made. Retail digital signage solutions allow companies to build their brand in innovative ways using various types of media which leave lasting impressions of your company and brand.




A few of our signs from current clients

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